lundi 28 septembre 2015

How to install GPS Tracker software on an Android

The European Space Agency (ESA) today placed in orbit a new pair of satellites for navigation system Galileo, a constellation that already has ten twenty-six devices that will be in operation by 2020 to compete with the American GPS. The launch of "Alba" and "Oriana", on Board of a Russian rocket Soyuz, operated by the European Consortium Arianespace, took place from the center space European of Kourou, in French Guiana, at 02.08 GMT. It's two devices manufactured by OHB and Surrey Satellite Technology and received its name in honor of two European girls who won a drawing contest to promote interest in Aerospace Sciences.
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The European Space Agency has put into orbit at the end of the year another new pair of satellites to reinforce a system that is operational, although far from its full capacity, and that is compatible with the GPS. It is the first navigation service of civil and not controlled by the armed forces, as its American competitor, in which Europe has been working for two decades and who aspires to be much more accurate than GPS. After numerous cost overruns and delays, the first satellites of the Galileo system entered into orbit in October 2011 and the two preceding last March. In August 2014, the launch of the first two operational satellites, since the former had mission validate orbits, is launched in 2014 and supposed dream failure for the project. A problem with the fuel of the Soyuz made that "Doresa" and "Milena" ended up in a wrong orbit, about 17,000 kilometers from the Earth, instead of which corresponded to them, a circular 23,000 kilometers. The following releases, however, did not show any faults and allowed to continue with the planned deployment of the constellation, which will provide advantages in management of transport (increased safety, congestion reduction or streamlining of operations), agriculture, fishing, health and fight against illegal immigration.
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The city of Madrid has strengthened control over the companies responsible for combating dirt on the streets of the capital. One of the measures taken has been the adoption of a monitoring system by GPS «to check that don't leave any area without making», as explained by this week the CEO of cleaning and waste services, Victor Sarabia.Esta formula was tested during the timely reinforcement which is underway in the city points that accumulated more neighborhood complaints about the presence of waste and bad smells. In particular, as needed in the Area of environment and mobility, remote monitoring has been used with wash down vehicles and in view of the results has been chosen to pursue it. Statistic priori already reflects the intensification of this control, but it could also make the reading that the streets are dirtier since now Madrid succeeded the PP at the forefront of the Cibeles Palace in June. In so far this year the awarding of cleaning have been fined with discounts of 5.5 million euros, of which 2.5 million (45% of the total) have been implemented during the last three months. In 2013 the City Hall took to contest the maintenance of streets divided into six lots, which were awarded four companies (FCC, OHL, Sacyr and Urbaser). They are that are doing the work of sanitation and municipal inspectors - about 80 dedicated exclusively to this task - which oversee that this has been done in some appropriate conditions pursuant to a document with 68 indicators.

mardi 25 août 2015

Clash of Clans Trip Games

But you know the saying "A gift horse you don't look in the mouth". Yes free gets it and has nothing to lose, I mean you can lose his time most valuable at all, that's why I'm testing this free mobile game as seriously as I would test any paid product.

What makes clash of clan special

Clash of clan is nothing special at first sight. Many people think that it is just another strategy game in the mobile sector. But far from. It is one of the best in its field, because it has a nice-looking graphics, good tactical battles and the clan wars are undoubtedly the highlight. It is a clan with his friends how nice to start and together to defeat his opponent. Now you think, fight now is not my thing really, as my base breaks again and again, let me reassure the. After every attack of the enemy repair damaged buildings that comes at the expense of realism, is automatically, but to cope with in terms of playability. In this game, there are 3 resources: gold, Elixir and dark Elixir. Where dark Elixir is only unlocked when you has his town hall level 7. You need gold and Elixir, however, already from the outset to every building to upgrade. Gold is mostly for the Defense plants and traps. Elixir is for research, barracks and army camps. In the barracks are all kinds of troops released gradually. So start with barbarians and archers and ends with Dragon and P.E.K.K.A.S.

Clash of clan a time wasters or not

It comes up quickly the first level for such a game in the usual manner, so that it is not uncommon to reach level 15 after one week. At level 30, this development slows down significantly. Where you could give a construction job yet every 15 minutes at the beginning, it is enough from level 30 every few days time to look.
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Similar games are available by the same developer boom Beach and jungle heat - weapon of revenge. I have not gespieltet these games so I can't judge whether these games are real alternatives or only mediocrity.

He's always got the mobile. Every opportunity he uses to build its defenses. A conversation with me - totally uninteresting: "Honey, now, it is not clan war!" The speech is of the the popular online strategy game for the Smartphone or Tablet - clash of clan - and my friend who drives me with along crazy! Regularly he shows me his village and tells me how great are its walls, and that he could soon afford the Inferno Tower. Not to mention rhapsodizing about his army of giants, which are recently on level 6. And I get out anyway completely with terms such as Gowiwi and Gowipe. I've imagined life as a wife. ;-)

While for clash of clan no money ausgiebt (saying he at least), the search is really enormous. May be perhaps because initially everything pretty fast runs. And then when you have a halfway decent village together, the times are getting longer and longer. Quickly you wait one to two weeks until a building is - who is lacking the patience pays. Via in-app purchase, you can purchase game breaks like jewels. One click is enough and €100 are gone. Thus the desire is briefly satisfied on "faster, better, bigger" the player and the next upgrade will be earmarked already. Real money to spend quite a few make (among hardcore gamers but frowned upon), as the sales figures of the Finnish clash of clan developer prove supercell.
5 million US dollars per day

Beginning 2014 the company's Facebook site has been hacked and some figures were made public. Hold on tight: according to this daily around 30 million players should be said online strategy game active, generating revenues of more than $ 5 million - per day! That clash of clan occupied the front seats of the most popular apps for months, is already known. Supercell has 2013 included $ 650 million euros with his two games (clash of clans and Hay Day), as the Reuters news agency reported.

Sogannte free apps (especially games) with paid features are a thorn in the side of EU long. The revenue thus are estimated at 10 billion euros. To better protect customers, the word was "free" banished by the download button. At this point, it says "Loading" since November at Apple, Google is there since the end of September "Install".
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Whether it's what I don't know. Anyway, I started to play saga in protest candy crush. And my friend has answered the question because what he does, if there is nothing more to upgrade his game: "my clan and I have discussed already that. We simply start from scratch."